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Having trouble buiding Installshield project with MSBuild


I am working on pure Installscript project and i am using VS2008. I added another console application project(ConsoleApplication1) which is having dependency on another project(ClassLibrary1. The setup installs the output of ConsoleApplication1 and then launches it. Its building without any warning when i am using VS2008 but gives warnings when built with MSBuild. The warnings are:

1. (_CheckForInvalidConfigurationAndPlatform target) ->
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5\Microsoft.Common.targets : warning :
The OutputPath property is not set for this project. Please check to make sure
that you have specified a valid Configuration/Platform combination. Configura
tion='Debug' Platform=''

2. (Build target) ->
C:\Program Files\MSBuild\InstallShield\2009\InstallShield.targets : warning :
-6248: Could not find dependent file ClassLibrary1, or one of its dependencies
of component ConsoleApplication1.Primary output

Can anyone please help me out with this?
I am using Installshield 2009.

Any documentation will be of great help.

Thanks in advance.

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Did you find a solution to this? I am experiencing this as well but only when trying to run using MSBuild from the command line.
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Level 4

Sorry for the delay.

For -6248 error(point 2), go to Components under Organization Tab. Select each feature and set .Net Scan at Build property to None.

For the other one, ensure that the project name in VS solution and ISproj are same. What I have seen is that the name in isproj gets appended by a numeral every time you remove the project output and add it again in InstallScript project. So, if your project name is X in VS sln it would X1, X2 and so on in isproj.

Hopefully this helps.
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