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Having a problem setting INSTALLDIR from the command line

Our default product installation folder has a space in it and that seems to be causing problems.

When this command line string is used a error dialog pops up with a list of command line parameters.
setup.exe /V"INSTALLDIR="C:\Temp Test""

This command line string works fine.
setup.exe /V"INSTALLDIR="C:\TempTest""

We recently updated our InstallShield to the 2010 version from 2009 and that is when we started seeing this problem.

Thank you,
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Flexera Alumni

Please see the topic "Setup.exe and Update.exe Command-Line Parameters":
If a path within a parameter contains spaces, you may need to use quotation marks within quotation marks, as in the following example:

Setup.exe /v"INSTALLDIR=\"c:\My Files\""
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Level 4

Thank you Robert.

I was missing the \ after INSTALLDIR=
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