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Level 5

Has anyone created a prerequisites file for visual c++ 2008 redist ?

When I install my stuff on Vista one of the pieces won't run because it's looking for vc90 crt 21022 but the vc90 merge model installs 30729. A whole bunch of searching shows there's issues with that merge module such that references to the old version aren't properly redirected to the new one.

I want to use the vc++ 2008 redist as a prerequisite, much like the vc++ 2005 that comes with IS. Using the prerequisites editor I made a new prereq file, basically copying most of the 2005 one. One thing I'm not sure about is what to use as the condition. 2005 checks for the absence of registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\S-1-5-18\Products\B25099274A207264182F8181ADD555D0 which I'm assuming is tied to VS2005. What's the equivalent key for 2008 ?

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Level 6

I'm using a prerequisite for VC++ 2008 SP1 where I check for the following registry key
if it is non existing, vcredist_x86.exe will be installed.
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Level 5

Thanks Eric!
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Level 2

I copied the install switches and the errorlevel codes for reboot from the 2005 prq -- but InstallShield 2010 seems to keep detecting a failed install of of VC++2008 SP1 for me, even though it actually successful installs.

Is there a set of switches or a different errorlevel code for reboot I should be using?
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