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Grant "Log on as a service" permission AND service

I`m developing install application via Installshield Basic MSI Project

1. I have a little problem when granting "Log on as a service" permission
(Control panel -> Administrative tools -> Local Security Settings)

In Windows server 2003, NTRights.exe works fine.

In Windows server 2008 and 2008 R2, NTRight.exe also works fine but "NTRights.exe" is just part of "Windows server 2003 Toolkit"

I want to use another method.
Can Anyone do same thing using another way?

2. In a Service Panel, I have to set Logon account and password using end user input.

But Installshield supports just fixed id, password. It cannot be used.

How can i do this to set logon account?
Logon account information should be provided during installation
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Re: Grant "Log on as a service" permission AND service

I too am facing the problem. Is there any solution other than ntrights.exe?
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