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Global variable issue with entry-point function and script event handler

I have installssript with entry-point function( called from custom action ) and script event handler. It also have a global variable which get set in the event handler, say OnFirstUIBefore. The same global variable is used in the expression in the entry-point function which is attached to a custom action. This Custom action get executed way after OnFirstUIBefore event occurs. This means, the value of a global variable which get sets in the OnFirstUIBefore should be visble in the custom action. BUT ITS NOT. The global variable return blank. When I check a global variable in OnEnd event handler, it has same value which was set in OnFirstUIBefore.

So is this issue with Global variable or its by design.

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Flexera Alumni

If you're working with an InstallScript MSI project, perhaps see if this addresses what you're seeing (it has to do with how the InstallScript engine is loaded and unloaded at run time):
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