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Generic Transform annoying bug


I am running into a problem when creating a generic template...

1. I opened the ORCA.MSI package in ORCA editor
2. Created a new transform
3. Added a property called "DIVISION"
4. Enter a dummy value for the property called "DIVISION"
5. Saved the transform.

I then copied the MST in a folder that contains one package (not ORCA) that I would like to transform.

Now, if I open the MST, it first prompt me that the file ORCA.MSI cannot be found and close my MST.

If I open my MST a second time, it then asks me for the MSI on which to base the MST (It lost the previous reference to ORCA) which is the behavior I am looking for.

Can someone tell me where there reference to the ORCA.MSI file in my MST can be removed?

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Level 2

Hi again,

Found my own answer ... it appears that if the MST is standing by itself in a folder (with no MSI beside it), whenever I open it in Installshield, I get the prompt to enter the MSI name as I wanted.

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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

This isn't stored in the .mst file; instead it's stored in the recent file list used by InstallShield. See HKCU\Software\InstallShield\##.#\Professional\Recent File List.
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