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Level 3

Force reinstall of dynamically linked folder

Dear experts,

I have an InstallShield project that includes a component that consists of a dynamically linked folder. This folder contains a number of unversioned files. Those are mostly html files and resources. When I install a new version on top of an existing product setup, those dynamically linked files do not get upgraded. Is there a way to force upgrade of those dynamically linked files without uninstalling the older version of the product?

Thank you for your help.


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Level 6

It may depend on what project type you use.  We had this issue and had to switch to an InstallScript (only) project.  Then you can configure the component like the attached.


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This is a basic MSI project. Is there any way to address this problem without changing the project type?

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If there is a solution to this issue without changing the project type, I am unaware of it.

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