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Force Custom Setup?

Hi All,
I am building a Basic MSI project to install my application.
I have two features, the application itself and a second feature that installs the SQL Server 2005 Express SP2 prereq assigned to the my second feature and there are no components associated with that feature.
I have it working great as is.

Not everyone will install SQL 2005 Express b/c a lot of our users will use a network SQL server instead of Express. So, I've made the second feature not required and in the prereq I set it to be optional.

My question is this: Is there any way to force the setup to all always go to Custom and not give users the option for the 'complete' setup? I haven't seen such a setting anywhere and am not sure it exists.

Any help is appreciated,
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Level 6

Hi Paul, you can force it, but you have to do some work.
Basically the flow through the UI is shown in Custom Actions and Sequences and it can be influenced by changing the behavior of the dialogs in the sequence.

Suppose your installation contains the dialogs CustomerInformation, SetupType and CustomSetup in this sequence, you want to remove SetupType from this sequence.
For that you have to edit the behavior of the CustomerInformation dialog as well as that of the CustomSetup dialog.

Let the Next PushButton control have the Argument CustomSetup for the NewDialog event.

Let the Back PushButton control have the Argument CustomerInformation for the NewDialog event.

Do not forget to change Back for the dialog after the CustomSetup dialog to refer to the CustomSetup dialog.

Also do not forget to set the Conditions for the various events (e.g. to 1 if you always want the event to take place)

I hope this makes sense to you.
Just try various settings to achieve the sequence you like.

Regards, Eric-Paul
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Level 2

Thanks for the instructions. It did exactly what I need!
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