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For a minor upgrade - x64 install must use a x64 setup.exe?

IS 2021 MSI.

We have a x64 installer.  We want to do a minor upgrade.  When creating the release,  do we have to create a 64-bit setup launcher or can we say 'NO' to that?  Problem is that the custom actions are written in Installscript, and you get an error when trying to create the release if you say 'Yes' to the 64-bit option.

On this page...Building 64-Bit Setup Launcher (  -  look for "ISDEV: fatal error -7371: InstallScript custom actions are not supported with 64-Bit Setup Launcher.".  

I am reading this as "if install is x64, then for a minor upgrade, you must choose 'yes', to the 64 bit launcher option, and thus...I need to rewrite the custom actions in anything but InstallScript.

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