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Fonts not being reinstalled during upgrade

I'm using InstallShield 2013 Limited Edition for Visual Studio 2013 - I can't find a forum for that specific version, so I'm posting here.

I've created an installer that also installs two fonts. This works fine - the fonts are correctly installed. However, when the installer is used to upgrade an existing version, the fonts are removed (when the old version is uninstalled), but the fonts are not reinstalled along with the new software version. Only after I then run the installer a second time and then select "Repair" are the fonts installed.

Edit: Interestingly enough, if the fonts aren't currently installed and I run the installer to upgrade the software, it then *does* install the two fonts.

I also added a simple text file to be installed, and that is removed and then reinstalled during an upgrade, so it appears to be a font specific problem. When I look at the log, I see that the fonts are unregistered and removed, but there is nothing logged about even trying to copy and register them (unlike the log file from the Repair function, which shows the fonts being copied and registered).

I would set the fonts to be a permanent file, but that option is disabled in this version.

Any help with this would be massively appreciated.
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Level 2

So, what I've discovered is this...

When the Installer "finishes", it doesn't. The installation is only completed when you click on the Desktop or Start Menu shortcut - a dialog pops up, stuff is done (it's not logged, so I've no idea what is done), and only then are the fonts actually installed.

The problem is that when the installer is told to run the application on "completion", it simply starts the exe file of the installed program, which [for whatever reason] doesn't do the final configuration. The same goes if you simply find the exe in Program Files, or [which is far more likely] the user has already Pinned the application to the Task Bar. In all these three cases, the application won't be configured properly.

So, basically, I might as well be using XCopy, and registering fonts manually - expecting users to unpin the icon from the taskbar after upgrading an application, running the app from the desktop and the re-pinning the icon is madness. This is what installers are supposed to do, and the thought process behind an installer leaving work to do even though it has "finished successfully" is just phenomenally stupid.

I'm mildly interested if the full version does the same, however this experience really doesn't make me want to spend a grand on a piece of software that doesn't work properly

Anyway, seeing as this is hidden in the depths of the "LE for VS" forum, it's highly unlikely it will get looked at - it will however hopefully help out any other people who get stung by this.
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