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Folder permissions issue


I need to set certain permissions on a folder for security reasons but have encountered an issue.

Here's what i have:
Used Traditional Windows Installer handling for Locked Down permissions - because i need to remove/reset the inherited permissions and have only ones i specify
Set to Full control for a specific User
Set Read & Execute, List folder, Read for Administrators group

The results:
Everything is ok with the specific user but the users in admin group cannot Read or list the folder even thou they have that permission!!!
When i check the permissions everything is as i want to be.
If i go to the folder permissions manually and just untick/tick something and apply (more like doing a refresh on permissions) the Admin Group users can then read/list the content in that folder properly.
Creating a folder manually with same set of permissions it works.

So basically the Administrators group cannot access the folder even thou the permissions are right.

Could someone please tell me where and what i'm doing wrong?
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Level 4

Another question i have is how do i clear the ACL when i use Custom InstallShield handling of Locked down permissions?
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