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First Time Device Driver Install Question

I have a Basic MSI project with around 10 files. Among these files is a device driver. I have the .exe, .sys, and .inf files for the driver.

In my project, I have setup the installation of the device driver in the Advance Settings for the component containing the driver files.

I have also selected to sign the driver files in the release (with my code signing certificate). Yet, when I run the installation, it says the driver is unsigned and asks if I still want to install it.

Is there a way to suppress this message? I wanted InstallShield to sign it, so I don't understand why it is saying this.
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Level 8

I have some more information.

The device driver I am installing is minispy, which is a Microsoft sample that is included with the Windows Driver Kit. My client is using this as part of his installation.

I went to the minispy site and there is a section on how to sign this driver. I was able to successfully sign it with my code signing certificate.

Now when I install the signed driver through my installation, I still get the message saying the driver isn't signed. I know that message is not correct, because signtool.exe verified that it was signed.

Very strange. There must be some option I am not setting. I'll do more investigation.
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Level 10

Have you created a catalog file which contains the digital signature for the driver package as well?

If not I would recommend to refer to Signing Drivers for Public Release (Windows Vista and Later).
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Level 8

Thanks for the reply, Holger_G.

Yes, I have created a catalog file. That didn't make any difference.

I have done some reading on device driver signing, and it appears more complex that I initially thought.

I will check out the link you posted.
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