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Filter.xml for different build jobs


is it possible to change the Filter.xml file for every build job? 

Changing the filter.xml file in the Support-folder isn't very feasable for different build jobs....

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

I'm not aware of any functionality that would allow you to dynamically change the Filter.xml within Installshield.

This would something that would need to be included in any custom build scripts that you have.
For example - you could create multiple Filter.xml files with incremented names : Filter1.xml, Filter2.xml, Filter3.xml etc

Your build script could copy/rename the .xml you want to use before Installshield starts building.

Alternatively you have your build script edit the .xml directly, and after the build completes have it return the .xml to its default state by using a backup Filter.xml.

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Sorry, but this isn't working.

On the Build-Server there are different Agents which can run build scripts independently. So we would have no control wether the filter.xml is currently the right one or if some other agent has changed the xml-File before or within....

The only acceptable solution in a modern environment would be with some parameters which could be appended at start...

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