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Level 7

File shown in Orca but not IS and cannot be removed

I have an MSI project that is installing a file that does not show up anywhere in my InstallShield project. If I open the MSI file in Orca, I can see the file, and I suppose I could delete it from there, but the file always reappears when I rebuild the project from InstallShield. This is tedious and I would prefer to remove the file from the InstallShield project so I don't have to manually remove it everytime we release a new update. Orca does not provide any helpful information as to where the file is coming from (all the path references appear to be auto-generated GUIDs). Has anyone seen this before, and do you have any helpful advice?

Thank you in advance-

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Level 17

Are you using dynamically linked files in your project? If a file is in the .msi database that you build but you can't find it specifically anywhere in the InstallShield project, it may be a dynamically linked file.
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