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Level 13

Feature Question

I have a Basic MSI project with 2 releases (IS2012 Premier). Both have an identical feature that I would like to configure this way in Releases A and B:

Release A
Install Level = 101
Display = Visible and Expanded
Advertised = Disallow Advertise
Required = No
Release Flags = A

Release B
Install Level = 1
Display = Not Visible
Advertised = Disallow Advertise
Required = Yes
Release Flags = B

Right now I have 2 different features; which is fine, but both features have exactly the same components and I think that means that I have to duplicate the components. Is there a way that I do this without having to duplicate the components?

Thanks for Your Help!
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Two feature share the same components.
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Level 13

Thanks... That was easy!
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