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Feature Prerequisite add properties and conditions to setup dialogs


I have Basic MSI project in InstallShield 2020 R3 and I have added a new Feature Prerequisite to the setup ( till now I used only Setup Prerequisites )
When I compared the project to the one before this change I see more changes than expected.
There are some new properties and conditions to setup dialogs and new Custom Actions like:

<row><td>SetupCompleteSuccess</td><td>Not IS_PREREQ_REBOOTING</td><td>-1</td><td>SetupCompleteSuccess</td><td/></row>
<row><td>ISInstallPrerequisites</td><td>NOT(EXECUTEMODE~="NONE") AND NOT(PATCH AND Installed)</td><td>1241</td><td/><td/></row>

I didn't find useful info on IS_PREREQ_REBOOTING, IS_PREREQ and other properties on InstallShield help.
Now I have doubts if I should keep these new settings or not, what do you think ?


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