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Feature Installation Level

I've just relaised that my understanding of the "Install Level" property (of a feature) must be wrong (or at least, incomplete). I'm using an older version of InstallShield but hopeully the same principles will still be relevant. Here's my undersianding....

My Project has an Install Level property (currently set at 200 in my case). Each feature can have its own install level. By default, features are created with an Install Level of 1. All features having an Install Level which is lower than the project's Install Level will get installed - unless the user de-selects them in the Custom Setup dialog. That much I understand.

But what happens if I want a feature to get installed when the user selects Typical but not when he selects Minimal? How does this work? Do Typical and Minimal have their own install levels? If not, I don't understand how it works. :confused:
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Level 4

I figured it out - though I have to say with very little help from the InstallShield documentation. I found this web page which explained about using Setup Types.

In case anyone else needs this, the information shown in the above link is extremely misleading. It implies that Setup Types should be an entry in InstallShield's (left-hand side) view list (along with 'System Configureation' / 'Behaviour and Logic' etc). In fact that's wrong. SetupType (note, all one word and without an 's' on the end) is in fact one of the available UI dialogs.

Select Dialogs->SetupType->Behavior. In the dialog's Control Name list, select the 'Next' pushbutton entry. Notice that when the user presses 'Next' (at run time) he will modify the program's Install Level, depending on whether he selects Typical, Minimal or Custom. This affects which features get installed because each feature only gets installed if its its own distinct install level is lower than the program's current install level.

All very confusing (as with anything else to do with InstallShield) !!! 😞
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