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Feature Install Level Condition - Please Help

I am using InstallShield 2011 Premier Edition; am creating InstallShield project which has two features.
FeatureNumber FeatureName FeatureInstallLevel FeatureCondition

1 cricket 1 Level:200 INSTALLTYPE=”football”
2 football 1 Level:200 INSTALLTYPE=”football”

By default INSTALLLEVEL property value is 100 at Property Manager.
I have created a new dialog which has Radio Button Group; property called INSTALLTYPE and it has two Radio Buttons.
RadioButton Name Value
1 cricket cricket
2 football football

By default the INSTALLTYPE property value is cricket at Property Manager.
My Query:
1. If the user select cricket radio button; only cricket feature should select and football feature should deselect at Custom Setup dialog, and only cricket feature and its components should install into the target machine.---WORKING FINE
2. If the user select football radio button; only football feature should select and cricket feature should deselect at a Custom Setup dialog, and only football feature and its components should install into the target machine.---NOT WORKING
What is happening is, if the user select football radio button; still cricket feature is selected and football feature is deselected at Custom Setup dialog.

Please find the attached FeatureLevelExample.ism.TXT file and rename it to FeatureLevelExample.ism and open with InstallShield 2011 IDE.

Please help me how do i fix this problem serious problem.

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Level 7

I haven't opened the project, because I can't trust the source (no offense). However, the problem looks quite obvious to me.

The feature conditioning action is taking place before you reach the UI dialogs. It is irrelevant which radio button you select, because the feature selection has already taken place based on the default value you have in the property manager. You cannot change this.

You can add and remove features using the Events on the Next button of your radio button dialog.

AddLocal ALL 1
Remove cricket INSTALLTYPE="football"
Remove football INSTALLTYPE="cricket"
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Level 3

Thank you very much for your prompt response Nick Umanski.

It works fine.

I was facing this problem since 3 days, however not able to figure out.
Once again thanks for your helping nature.

Best Regards,
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