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Feature Install Condition

I have a Feature with one component with 3 or 4 files in it.

featuer is called TS for Terminal Server
Only want these files in a folder called APPCFG for citrix execution of an application and only want them to install on a terminal server.
In IS2009 it was working with:
Install Level of 1000 condition: TerminalServer OR RemoteAdminTS

in 2010 its getting installed when i install this on a winxp system.
I only want this Feature to install on a 2003 or 2008 server.

Any ideas?

Also, this feature is in my template with the condition so that we dont have to recreate this every time. If its not an app for TSRV we just easily delete the feature.

Do i have to declare a property in the property manager first?
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Level 6

All you need to do is look up the approprate WindowsBuild number for those operating systems and set an installlevel of nonzero for those.
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Level 3

installlevel 1

not VersionNT=500 or 501 whatever xp is.
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