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Fatal error -1501, could not compress sql file

From few days i have issue with error -1501.
I tried all solutions that i found on support community pages, and still nothing. 
In this project there is only problem with one *.sql file. 
File is collected dynamic, and few companing files too. Tried to build by CMD. Error is still exisiting.
Description from log: 
ISDEV : fatal error -1501: Could not compress "D:\Assembly\copy\8.71.3\\X64\All\Files\AppRoot\SEE_Soft\Env\Update Database\SQL\2016\4.89.B-4.90.А\01.sql" into "D:\Assembly\copy\8.71.3\PRJ\EXE\DiskImages\DISK1\"

Any ideas?

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Level 4

I am not InstallShield person. Can you share a small sample project. I also have same interest with you.

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Level 2

We cannot send any poroject cause we have confidentiality clause on our products...

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