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Faking file cost for a Component

Is it possible to fake the file cost of a Component that is displayed to the user?

Here's the situation: One of my Features will run a third-party install.exe to install that software. I have included all the third-party files in the Support Files section. What happens is that the SUPPORTDIR will contain those files, and at the end of the install the SUPPORTDIR (and its contents) will be automatically deleted by InstallShield. Great!

However, when the user is looking at the Features they can install, that one Feature says that it will take up 0KB on the disk. This is not true, of course, it will take over 8MB. Is there some way I can influence that number?

One thought I had was to include all the third-party files as files to be installed in a Component of that Feature, and then at the end just delete the files again. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be as easy as I had hoped, since I can't figure out how to tell InstallShield to nuke those temporary files.

Any ideas?
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Flexera Alumni

Please see the documentation for the ReserveCost table, which is exposed in the Direct Editor view.
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Level 3

Yep, that did the trick, thanks!

A tip: the ReserveLocal and ReserveSource fields require the number of bytes, not KB or MB.
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