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Level 2

Failed to self-register DLLs in InstallScript project

Hi all,

I want to self-register dlls in InstallScript project by selecting checkbox at the IS Component View interface.
When I do it, the installation fails with a "critical failure" exception.

When I register them with:
It registers most of them but still fails to register a couple.

And, finally, when I register with:
LaunchApplication( WINSYSDIR^"regsvr32.exe", "/s "+szFile, WINSYSDIR, ...);
It register them all without any error.

I can keep the latter solution as a workaround but I still want to use the built-in InstallShield self-register feature as a solution of choice.

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Level 8

Even I had the same issue, and used the same approach mentioned in your post, for getting rid of the errors. I wonder what's the issue in self-registering from the IDE.
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Level 9

You can also considering including the file to self-reg in a Basic MSI project and call that in your InstallScript project.

This will be a cleaner approach if you have large files.......

And this issue could be due to Windows + InstallScript combination as Windows treats InstallScript setups as aliens.....

worth a try!!
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