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Failed to install a client tool setup.exe on Windows 10

We would like to know if there is any support for Install Shield as we have a strange issue for one of our customers wherein they are unable to install our BRM  client tools on Windows 10. 

The client installers are packaged using Install shield, and we are using 5.x version.

From our customer,  the client tools are loaded into our customer's software center, there should not be any issues with the group or user. All the users have permissions to install the tools. 

When the Client tools are on their software center,  that means any of their users have the privileges to install the client tool and that is the process being followed for any software installation.

They tried to install the various client tools and it keeps on clocking for 30 mins to 1 hour and at the last, it is displaying the "installation Failed" message.

We appreciate it if you can help us to resolve this issue.

Thank you,



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