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Level 3

Failed to delete the install folder

I create a simple installscript MSI project, and only contain a test.exe file

the default install dir is : c:\Program File\My Project\My Test1\

if I install to this default directory, uninstall is OK, all files and folders can be deleted

but if I change the install directory, such as: F:\My111\My Test111\

install is OK, but when uninstall, I found the test.exe is deleted, but the folder F:\My111\My Test111\ is stall exist

attachment is the uninstall log file, created by the command: setup.exe /verbose"f:\mylog.txt"

I don't know why the folder didn't be removed

Please help me remove the folders also that are created

Thanks in advance
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Level 3

I create a test project use the basic MSI project,
install to f:\abc\111, then uninstall, uninstall is ok, all files and folders its created are deleted

then I create another test project use the installscript MSI project,
install to f:\111\222, then uninstall , the exe file is delete, but the folder is still exist

I don't know what's different between these two project,
should I use DeleteDir to delete this folder in installscript MSI project?
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