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Fact : Rollback Restores deleted system Files. But when sequenced?

In the InstallShield documantation it says:
"In addition to the rollback script, the installer saves a copy of every file it deletes during the installation. These files are kept in a hidden system directory. Once the installation is complete, the rollback script and the saved files are deleted. If an installation is unsuccessful, the installer attempts to rollback the changes made during the installation and restore the original state of the computer"
However, it doesn't says when in the sequence the files are restored( for example in the sequence "InstallFiles" I know that the files have been installed on the target system therefore every change I do on the installed files I do after this CA).
My situation is that i want to register a file that has been restored after the rollback.
Therefore i want to create i rollback CA that does that but i dont know where to put it in the execute sequence.
Can anyone please help me with that?
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Level 6

OK I've tested it and actually the file will be restored in the place where it was deleted. For example if you install files that overwrites file on target system.
Then the overwrite will happen in InstallFiles sequence.
If Rollback occurs, than the original files will be restored in InstallFiles while rolling back.
Note: Do not forget that while rolling back, the script is running from bottom to top(thats why we put the rollback CA before the action itself)
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