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Flexera beginner

Facing an issue with minor upgrades and patches

We are using install shield 2018 R2 software. 

Failed use case:

1) Install the product version 1.0

2) do a minor upgrade to 1.1

3) do a minor upgrade to 1.2. As part of this step, during the copy operation, files are getting copied to 1.0 folder(a new folder is getting created). Ideally the files should go to 1.1 folder since we are doing the upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2

We have verified INSTALLDIR and TARGETDIR after onResumeUIBefore and they are pointing to 1.1 folder only. 

This is a generic issue we are facing for all minor upgrades. The first minor upgrade will succeed but the later upgrades are failing and they are creating the original installation directoy.

How can we debug this issue. Please help.

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Flexera beginner

Re: Facing an issue with minor upgrades and patches

Also, we set the productcode, upgradecode, packagecode and production version correct for all the minor upgrades. 

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