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Exterieur bitmap obscured icon


i placed a icon control on the installWelcome dialog but when i start the installer i cant see the icon. i resized the bitmap on installWelcome dialog and start again and saw that the icon is on dialog but obscured by the bitmap.

the button in the designer "bring to front" does not alter the fact.

what can i do?

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I am having this same problem.

I want our company logo on the Install Welcome Dialog. It shows up in the Dialog editor. But at runtime, it does not show up.

I have a Basic MSI Project. I'm also using InstallShield 2009, but it sounds like 2010 has the same problem.

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Flexera Alumni

As a stab in the dark, does it work if you set both bitmaps to have the Tab Stop setting?

If not, does setting the individual bitmaps in the Project Assistant (Inst. Interview page?) work?
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The background image I'm using already has the Tab Stop set to false.

The company logo originally had the Tab Stop set to true. I set this Tab Stop to false, and it now shows up at runtime.

If it doesn't work, try deleting your extra bitmap on there, and readding it, then changing the Tab Stop. I may have just screwed with the settings too much cause it didn't work until I did this.

Thanks for the reply, Robert!:o
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