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Execute Custom Action During Minor Upgrade

I thought I understood how conditions on custom actions worked, but apparently I am missing some detail.

I have a custom action in my installation that has a contion of "&MyFeature = 3". During a new install, the custom action runs when the MyFeature is installed, as expected. However, during a Minor Upgrade, the custom action is NOT run, though I expected it would be. From the installation log I can see that:

Feature: MyFeature; Installed: Advertise; Request: Reinstall; Action: Reinstall

I would have thought that when the Action State is set to Reinstall, the &MyFeature would equate to 3 - it is to be installed. Is that not the case? Is there a different value I should be using in the condition to catch when the MyFeature is being Reinstalled?

(As an aside, I did notice that the MyFeature's Install State is listed as Advertised; I expected that to be Local, but maybe because the feature only includes references to merge modules it shows up as Advertised? I do not think that relates, as I have this same issue with a custom action for another feature that is listed as local. Just another Windows Installer curiosity.)


Robert O'Brion
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Level 2

Did you ever find out how to make this work?

Simon Morton
WSI Corporation
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