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Executable uninstallation through windows SCCM

Hi Team,

We have a customer who is planning to do bulk un-install of our software through windows SCCM. But customers have installed our software manually.

If the software is installed through SCCM then uninstall through SCCM is happening.

If it is installed manually then uninstall through windows SCCM is not happening.

Can someone please help.

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Re: Executable uninstallation through windows SCCM

Check to see if there are any differences between the SCCM install and the manual install. For example are different installation options selected, different Property values etc. What commands are SCCM using to install and how does this differ to the manual install?

Try creating a windows installer log to see what is actually failing in the SCCM uninstall - this may give a better idea of what is a happening.

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