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Error while putting the files in GAC

I am getting the error while putting the file in GAC in a basic MSI Project. I had already set the
Destination = [GlobalAssemblyCache]
.NET Scan at Build= Properties only

Error 1938: An error occured during the installation of assembly.
Assebmly Name, Version name = "",PublicToken="EACE237DBE0A1C92",Culture="neutral",FileVersion="",,ProcessorArchitechture....
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Level 7

It isn't clear to me why your assembly is not successfully installing to the GAC. I suggest you look into the following things to troubleshoot this behavior:

1. Verify that the assembly is the keypath of its component (You already indicated that the destination was GlobalAssemblyCache which is good).
2. Verify that the information in the MsiAssembly and MsiAssemblyName tables look correct for your assembly. Consult the table documentation for this.
3. Verify that you can manually install your assembly to the GAC on your test machine (without using MSI).
4. Does your assembly have any dependencies? If so, then maybe try a test where the dependencies are already installed to the system before beginning your MSI installation.
5. Although I don't think it matters for GAC installation, verify that the correct version of the .NET framework is being pointed to for Regasm.exe and InstallUtilLib.dll locations in Tools - Options - .NET tab.
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