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Error building Patch


I am trying to create a patch/update.

It has two errors:

1)"The package code for the latest setup does not differ that of the previous version. In order to perform an upgrade the package code MUST change. "
Error Code: Val0003:

2)"There was error creating the patch package. Writing the contents of log file "<..path..>" to output window"
The log file contains this error:
"ERROR: TargetImages.Target = 'Prev1': PackageCode {...} is not unique"
Error code -6415.

I have verified the MSI(uncompressed) that I have used, is the same used to create the Release build.

Let me know if further information is required.

If anyone has faced this issue or can help, that would be great 🙂

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Level 9

Remember that a true PATCH INSTALLER is only going to include a DIFF or set of DIFFs between a prior package(s) and a current package. It does not include complete files. You have to build both the prior package(s) - which is sounds like you have - and a current package before you can build the patch because it has to have both before and after copies of files to work from.

I NEVER use a Patch installer for a few reasons. Instead, I use the Minor Upgrade. One reason is customers or support often want to compare what is being delivered to what is on a system. You cannot do that with a patch installer since the only files included are a DIFF between past and present files.

A Patch Installer is more or less a Transform that is being applied. You lose all control over the process.

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