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Error -7274 - Media header could not be signed


I've been fighting with trying to sign the media header for our Web Install for about a week now. I keep getting error -7274. This is an installscript project with One-Click install.

Here is the info from the help file:
Error -7274

InstallShield 12

SPC file invalid.

The software publishing credentials file that you specified (using the Release Wizard's Digital Signature panel, the Release view's Sign Media property, or the Isign.exe utility) when digitally signing your release or package is invalid. Specify a valid software publishing credentials file and build again.

The problem is that my spc file is valid. I was able to manually sign dll and other exe's using the signcode.exe utility. When I try to manually sign the media header (.hdr extension) it returns an error message saying "Signing falied. Result = 800b0003, (-2146762749)".

If I click on my spc file, it opens up the certstore and everything looks good. Is there any type of path related to the Cert that I need to worry about? Is there anyway to sign the hdr file using a pfx?

My certificate came from GoDaddy and they only provide a PFX, so I had to create the spc and pvk files myself using openssl and a pvk utility.

I am stuck and not sure where to go from here. Any help would be very much appreciate. I am considering just releasing our Web Install without a digital signature, but I would rather not do that.

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Aftering doing more research, I want to try to manually sign the media header file: data1.hdr

How can I do this manually?

Signcode.exe and signtool don't appear to sign .hdr files.

When I try to it via isign, I get an error reporting an improper length. Further research leads me to believe isign will only sign .cab files. Is this correct?
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I have figured out the solution. The problem is that the Installshield IDE was incorrectly saying that my SPC file was invalid. This would make the build stop every time with an error.

So on the web install release, signing tab. I selected "Setup.exe" under the Sign output files. This prevents the media header (data1.hdr) from being signed at this point.

Then after the install is complete, I came back and manually signed data1.hdr using the isign.exe program. This is inside the Installshield System folder.

The command line call for iSign.exe is:
iSign.exe -spc DigitalSig.spc -v DigitalSig.pvk -p YOUR_PASSWORD filename

**Important Note: you must run this on a Windows XP/2000 machine. When I run this same exact command on a windows 7 machine, I get an "improper length" error.

Once this is complete, when you run the setup.htm page and launch the Install from there, you should see that the Web Install is now digitally signed!

FYI, this primarily applies to Installshield Installscript One-Click projects.
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