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Error -6213: Internal build error when building an Installer

I have created 8 installers for my project, 7 of them work, the other one fails with the following error:

ISEXP : error : -6213: Internal build error

The other thing that happens is if I manually do a a Dependencies from scan at Build it kills visual studio with a popup window:
"Microsft Visual C== Runtime Library
Runtime Errror!

abnormal program termination"

Anyone any suggestions as to where to look for more information / a detailed log / a useful error message?
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Could you kindly let us know if you are facing this issue when a dependencies scan is performed for one particular file or if you face this issue when a dependencies scan is performed for any file in general.

If you are coming across this issue for one particular file then could you kindly remove that file from the project and then could you check if it results in the same error message during the build process.

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