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Error 1711 on uninstall on Windows 2008 R2 64

NOTE: This is a InstallShield Developer 8.2 issue, however there is no longer an active forum for that version (yes, we will upgrade and we have an IS 2009 license, but the upgrade is planned for the next release so I need this fixed before that).

I have made a 64-bit specific release of my product and it installs and runs without a hitch, however when I attempt to uninstall I get the error: "Error 1711.An error occurred while writing installation information to disk. Check to make sure enough disk space is available, and click Retry, or Cancel to end the installation."

The message is then followed by a "Feature transfer error" of "Error: -1603 Fatal error during installation. Consult Windows Installer Help (Msi.chm) or MSDN for more information."

I have verified this on two different W2k8 R2 64bit machines. I have yet to verify if this occurs on w2k3 64bit though, I will test that as well.

UPDATE: I have verified that this DOES NOT happen on w2k3 R2 64bit, it seems to be a w2k8 R2 64bit specific issue.

Searching this forum as well as the internet at large has given very little help on this matter. I have checked that there is no permission issues to the Windows\Installer folder and no disk quotas (and of corse plenty of disk space), but the MSI***.tmp files are still created as 0kb files and then this error occurs. I have attempted manually removing the product (using a script I wrote that cleans the registry and deleting the files, etc.) but this still occurs after attempting to remove a just-installed instance. The same version (albeit the 32-bit release) will uninstall fine on Windows 2000, 2003 and 2008.
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Level 4

So thanks to version control I could conclude that this issue has not been in previous versions of our package. Now, to figure out what changed to induce it.
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