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Error (1001) with calling .NET Installer Class


We have a Basic MSI Project that we need to deploy a few .NET assemblies. Those assemblies are calling a .NET Installer Class and the is trying to preform a COM Registration with a CODEBASE option. It appears that during the execution of the Installer Class Custom Action, other assemblies that the installer is going to deploy on the destination computer are not in GAC yet (because the sequent that the DLL's are being deployed and we didn't find a way to change it). At this point, we are getting Error 1001.

This is what Installer Class Install method is trying to do:

RegistrationServices regSrv = new RegistrationServices();
regSrv.RegisterAssembly(base.GetType().Assembly, AssemblyRegistrationFlags.SetCodeBase);

Any idea for overcome this issue?

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I have very similar code being utilized in my project as well. I got the Error 1001 message (that's all mine said...nothing else), and it turned out to be related to the InstallUtil files. When I looked into my Application Files section, I discovered that the files were being installed into the [ProgramFilesFolder] with a 64-bit build. In order to get it to work on my system, I did the following:
Go to the Application Files section
Right mouse click on "Destination Computer"
Under the "Show Predefined Folders" option, choose ]ProgramFiles64Folder]
Move the directory tree that's currently under the ProgramFilesFolder to the ProgramFiles64Folder.

If that fixes it, then it's because you have a 64 bit component that is attempting to be registered with the 32 bit regasm.

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