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Error 1001 installing 64 bit windows service


I am using Installshield LE for creating the installer of my 64 bit service. When I run installer it shows error 1001 and then stop.
Environment : Win 8.1 64 bit, VS2013

I found some information regarding error 1001, but not able to resolve the issue.
Can you please help me to resolve the error?

Thanks in Advance.
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Re: Error 1001 installing 64 bit windows service

1001 indicates an InstallUtil error. Simply put, using installer class custom actions is an example of a fragile, out of process, reinventing the wheel anti-pattern. You should instead use Windows Installer's built in service handling supported by InstallShield LE. Do the following:

(2) Specify Application Data
Windows Service Primary Output
Right Click Properties
COM & .NET Settings
Unclick Installer Class

(3) Configure the Target System
Right click Services and select Add Service
Fill out the property grid per the requirements of your service.
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Re: Error 1001 installing 64 bit windows service

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for you reply. It's very useful for me. I follow the your instruction and Now I get Error 1923 : not sufficient privilege error. I have administrative account and I have running the installer with administrative privilege. I want to install my service as Local Service account.

Can you please help me?

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Re: Error 1001 installing 64 bit windows service

That error message could have been worded better. They only say check permissions since the assumption is a regular user would see the message. What it really means is that your service failed to start. You have to profile / debug your service to understand why. Could be any number of reasons such as a missing DLL. I once saw this from a developer who was trying to connect to a webservice during the OnStart() event and the webservice was down. I reminded him he needed to spin off a background process thread and return from OnStart() right away. Then in the thread he could keep trying to connect to the web service until it worked.

It's impossible to say exactly what is wrong with your service but once you discover it you can then address it either in code or the installer depending on the nature of the issue.
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Re: Error 1001 installing 64 bit windows service

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for your reply. yes you are right message itself says it does not have required permissions but I am not able to understand why as I have all administrative rights. Also I am easily install the service using installutil.exe and windows deployment extensions but get erros in installshield LE.

Also I configure service to only install not to start the service as it is on demand service.

Can you please let me know any other problem which cause of 1923 error?
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Re: Error 1001 installing 64 bit windows service

One situation I've seen is people put code in their installer class to create an event source. Then in their service they post messages to that source. Since your installer class isn't being called you have to have your MSI create the event source. It's a simple registry create to populate. Otherwise the service attempts to write a message to the non-existent event source, throws an exception and the installer does a rollback.

My point is ignore the message about not having enough permissions. It's a wrong message. Debug why the service won't start and you'll find your solution. One thing to do here is tell InstallShield to not start the service during the installation that way you are atleast installed. Then you can do your debugging.

Reminder: VM's are your friend. Don't do this type of work on your development box.
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