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Enable SSL on Virtual Application (not Website) in IIS 7 using Installshield 2012 Pro

Hi All

I've literally just started using InstallShield 2012 Professional working with a Basic MSI project type ("embedded" within Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate)

I can get my MSI to create a new website (or use an existing one) and create a new web application as expected (using the Server Configuration -> Internet Information Services), but I'm having difficulty in getting the web application to require SSL (that is to say in IIS 7 Console Manager under the "SSL Settings" icon for the web application the "Require SSL" checkbox is enabled.

I've clicked all over and cant see a corresponding option in InstallShield.

Does this have to be scripted some how possibly using MS PowerShell, a Custom Action (CA), done in the Direct editor Tool, InstallScript etc?

The SSL is already installed and configured on the server as we have other web applications running under the same website without issue

Any tips are welcome

Thanks in advance


EDIT: I'm not interested in forcing SSL by default at the website level, only on the web application level within IIS
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I guess no one has a clue on this. Did you ever find a solution to it?
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