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Level 2

Edited SdWelcomeMaint dialog from editor.


I have removed Modify ,Repair option from SdWelcomeMaint dialog.

When I run this I am not abke to see my previous skins which I set for this particular wizard.

I have set TC-BLUE skin for my install shield script MSI project.

After modifying this dialogue I lost previously set skin option for this. It comes in standared color.

How do I get back the old TC-BLUE skin for this wizard ?

Could please provide solution for this.

Thanks & Regards,
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Level 7

I am seeing a similar problem, but can add some additional information --

-I customized the dialog to delete the "modify" option, while still keeping both repair and remove.
-The project type is InstallScript MSI.
-Uninstall is initiated from the add/remove programs list in a Windows 7 x64 environment (haven't checked in other OS's yet).
-Most importantly, this used to work fine in IS 2010 (i.e. dialog had our custom skin), but after upgrading to IS 2011 it loses the skin. However, the uninstall progress dialog picks up the skin.

-Another customized dialog seen during install shares the same problem, so it is definitely not isolated to the uninstall.

I seem to recall in a previous Installshield upgrade I had a similar issue where customized dialogs were suddenly larger (button/text positions shifted as well) after upgrading, and I had to revert the dialog back to default and completely re-do the customizations within the newer version of Installshield. Can anyone confirm that this is also the solution now with the skins no longer showing? It's a bit of a tedious process, so it would be nice to have confirmation first that this will work. Thanks.
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Level 7

ok, I re-customized the easier of the dialogs and confirmed it works. If anyone from Flexera is reading this, PLEASE try to handle this better with future releases such that we don't have to re-customize our skinned dialogs after upgrading a project! Thanks!
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Level 2

I'm having a related problem. I was using the default Midnight skin and when I updated the dialog to remove the modify button everything seems to work well except in Japanese. In that one language, on that one pane it uses the default skin instead of Midnight. Everything else is fine.

I tried going to a custom skin (a modified Midnight) to call out that pane specifically for Japanese but that didn't help. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Level 2

Still waiting for a response.
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