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Level 4

Edit shortcut during minor upgrade

How to edit the startmenu shortcut during minor upgrade. The existing shortcut is under Start>Programs>ProductName>executableFile. Now during minor upgrade i want to change this to Start>Programs>CompanyName>ProductName>executableFile.

I'm using IS 2009 Basic MSI.

When i added the CompanyName as a new folder under Programs, I get this new shortcut but the old existing one's are not removed. I could see both shortcuts after upgrade.

Please help.
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Level 8

Delete the existing shortcut in entirety.
Create the new desired one during minor upgrade.

You can use DeleteFolderIcon and AddFolderIcon Installscript functions wrapped in a Custom Action to easily do the job.
You may also use Win32 APIs, if you are comfortable with them.
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Level 4


Posted here to check whether there are any options to removed shortcuts from IDE itself, but in vain.

Implemented DeleteFolderIcon to delete shortcuts now.
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