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Level 4

Edit Prerequsites

We have custom pre-requisites in our project. (See attached image.)

When I build, I get errors that it cant find the .prq files.

How do I tell it where those are?
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Level 9

If you go to the Tools menu and click on Options... there should be a Prerequisites tab that you can inspect to see the location(s) where it will be looking for the PRQ files to reside on a system.

Since they are custom PRQ files - what I find easiest to do is to get them from another system that is able to currently build the project. Copy over the .PRQ and each folder that represents the files called out for in the .PRQ. Maybe a build server, or maybe a coworkers machine that shares them with me by putting them in a ZIP file, etc.

As far as telling what the name is of each PRQ file - that should be in the error messages when you try to build. I've found that about the easiest way to tell the specific names it is looking for.

I hope that helps some.

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