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Dynamic file linking + dlls registration

I'm new to InstallShield 2013 Professional Edition. Working with installer (Basic MSI Project) for my project. Here is description of my problem:

I have bin folder where all my dlls (c++ and dlls) are placed. I want register all c++ dlls during project installing. At the same time, all dlls from my bin folder after successful installation should be placed here:
c:\Program Files\MY_PROJECT_NAME\bin

To do so, I click Add Folder in Project Assistant-Application Files view, select bin folder, and click Yes when I'm asked to create a dynamic file link to it (I noticed that new Component named 'AllOtherFiles' created after this).
Then I want to tell InstallShield which of dlls from bin folder I want to register during installation. How can I do this? I have near 200 dlls in my bin folder and only 10 of them are c++ dlls and should be registered.

I used InstallShield 2012 Limited Edition several months ago, and it was quite simple to register my 10 dlls, just via Right mouse Click on dll name->Properties->Com & NET settings tab-> select 'Extract Com Information' Registration type.
But I didn't find such thing in dll's Properties in 2013 Professional Edition.
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It seems this is an old question, the short answer to which is it's not possible with a dynamic link. Here is a link to the same question for IS v10.5, a long time ago:
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