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Level 3

Dynamic Radio Buttons

Hi I have been trying to find a way to create radio button dynamically and also in a scrollable UI
so My use case is to fetch a particular file present in user system and for each line in that will be treated as a new choice for the radio button. So that is where I need radio button to be dynamic. 
also I would also prefer a way to put radio buttons in an environment which is scrollable as content of that particular file could be large with multiple lines as long as 100 to 300 lines

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Level 6

Windows installer doesn't have a way for a scrollable list of radio buttons. Here's an example which is not exactly what you are looking for but it might give you an idea how you could solve this task:

Stefan Krueger /
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Hi Stefan, Thank you for your response. Although I won't be able to utilise this as solution for my use case but thank you for this information 🙂

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