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Level 6

Due to the lack of any kind of support I just uninstalled my 2013 demo version

We're looking at WIX.
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Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran

As a courtesy, Flexera Software offers 21 days of free support to customers with a registered copy of the latest Flexera Software product evaluation.

To receive technical support during this period:
1. Register your evaluation support by clicking the 'register for evaluation support' hyperlink included in the InstallShield trial information email you received from our Product Sales Consultant.

After registering your evaluation support, login into the Flexera Customer Community at to submit a support case.

If you do not currently have a login:
2. Go to
3. Click on the 'Request Community Account' button.
4. Enter the email address you used to register and then click Continue.
5. Select a Product Family.
6. Enter your Contact Information.
7. Click Submit.
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