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Download InstallShield SP1

Hi everyone,

I don't know if I'm at the right place. Here is my question : I have a licence and the installer for the InstallShield 2010 application. Usually, I install InstallShield 2010 from a PC connected to Internet. Once installed, it downloads automatically the Service Pack 1 from Internet. Now I would like to install InstallShield 2010 SP1 on an offline PC. As my licence is really old, I can't "authentified" it on the Revenera site so I really don't know where to search.

I hope someone could help me 🙂

Thank you for your time


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Re: Download InstallShield SP1

Hi Anthony,

Please reach out to the support team who will be able to help you with this, they should be able to locate your license, provide a download link and help with activation - you can contact them directly via phone using the details at this link:


Alternatively there is an online chat available which you can find in a clickable box image on the right hand side here:


Finally you can contact the support team directly by email using: Support@Revenera.com 

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