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Level 2

DotNetCoCreateObject and Type Heirarchy

I'm having an issue where an object I create with DotNetCoCreateObject is unable to reference properties that are defined in it's base type.

The .Net code looks like this:
class b {
string myProp {get;set;}

class c : b {
string myOtherProp {get;set;}

In InstallScript I have:

set objectC =  DotNetCoCreateObject(pathCompleteDll,                       
"MyNamespace.ObjectC", "");

Referecing MyOtherProp works while referencing MyProp does not work.

Any ideas?
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

There are a lot of details missing from your example snippet, such as ComVisible attributes, and public/private modifiers. Are these equivalent between the two properties?
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