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Level 4

DoInstall: child install doesn't get focus

When launching child installs from main installs the child install goes to the background of the main install while the main waits for the child to finish.

In previous versions of installshield this was never an issue. I've tried passing all manner of cmdline switches and nothing seems to work.

Any ideas would be great. The risk of upgrading...."breaking your installs"!!!....this is the last hurdle in migrating to 2010, I sure hope it's the last!


addendum: The only way around this I have found is to use DOINSTALL_OPTION_NOHIDEPROGRESS which is kind of gross because now the progress bar for each child install gets displayed and the install doesn't look as seamless.
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Level 2

Hi! We also have this same issue and we would like to get a proper solution for this. Do you have invented one?

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Level 4

An icky the parameters for DoInstall we include :


this gives the focus to the child installation but it also shows the progress bar AGAIN....
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