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Level 4

Disabling Intialisation Setup dailog

I am working on InstallScript project.

1. Is there any way using which I can disable the first screen that comes before the Welcome dialog (See Image on left)?(Script or some setting).

2. I want to disable all the dialogs that don't require any user response. For example, A dialog showing progress bar while files are copied (First install), updated (Update) or removed (Uninstall). Attached a sample image having the dialog shown during First install while copying files.(See Image on right)

I went through all the events but couldn't find any code or event which is calling these Dialogs.

Looking forward to response. Thanks in advance.
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

You can't entirely get rid of that first dialog, but you can set it to a smaller one; see the option on your release configuration.

As for the progress dialog, look for a line of code like Enable(STATUSDLG) near, e.g., the end of OnFirstUIBefore.
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Level 4

Thanks Micheal.

I wasn't able to find the Enable(STATUSDLG) in any event, but found the solution. OnMoveData() event disable the following code:

SetStatusWindow( 1, "" );
Enable( STATUSEX );
StatusUpdate( ON, 100 );

This will disable StatusBar during all modes.

Regarding the Initialization Dialog, it gets disabled during silent installation. Is there any way I can reach the code where it looks for -s command line parameter. I know this sounds unreasonable but I need the option to selectively disable UI without using silent installation.

Thanks again.
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