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Disable Cancel button on the MSI Uninstallation Progress Dialog

Hi, I made an installer based on a Basic MSI project using IS 2011.

The issue appears when trying to remove IS installer using the Windows Control Panel's Uninstall/Remove a Program option. Here, the MSI standard UI appears in which cancel button is enabled, and clicking it will terminate the uninstallation. However, this results in the installer still showing in the list of "Uninstall/Remove a Program" in control panel while some module files are erased on the target machine. Which is what we don't want, and a full rollback is expected.

Is it possible to disable the "Cancel" button on the MSI standard UI and not of the Installshield dialogue ?
OR is there a way to link the Uninstall button of Windows control panel to Uninstall/remove function of IS installer.

Anyone please help me suggest a way to disable the cancel button in MSI standard UI. I will really appreciate your help. Thanks

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Level 2

Hi , Can anyone please help regarding...

How to add given msiexec command with given Parameter in Installshield Installer so that when It is uninstalled this command gets triggered to perform a uninstallation of Installer package, where it show only basic UI and hides Cancel button. 

Command: msiexec /x <{ProductCode}> /qb!

Thanks !!

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