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Digitally Signing not working from command-line Stand-Alone

Digitally signing works properly in my development environment, but fails on the build machine (where it is using SAB). What could be the issue?

On development machine, I can run via IsCmdBld.exe and it shows:

AppId table successfully built
Started signing FB6.tmp ...
Property table successfully built

But on the build machine, it shows:

AppId table successfully built
Started signing F7E5.tmp ...
ISDEV : fatal error -1027: Failed signing F7E5.tmp

There are no other error details. How can I go about troubleshooting this?
The pfx file is in the same place on both machines. I have even tried copying the exact files from my development box to the build machine.

The only difference I can think of between the environments is that my development box has the full installation of InstallShield, while the build machine has the SAB version of it.
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Level 13

I sign with both Full and SAB versions. Verify that you are using a fixed path for the certificate rather than a relative path... which would change for SAB machine.
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Level 3

It was not a problem with the relative paths, nor was it an issue with Full vs. StandAlone.
The issue was that I had SP2 installed on my development machine, but the SAB did not have SP2 installed.
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