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Dialog fails to refresh

I have a dialog "MyDialog" with two radiobuttons.

When the user selects RadioButtonA, a GroupBox, some text and a BROWSE pushbutton are enabled.

The user then clicks BROWSE PushButton to launch "InstallChangeFolder" dialog.

After the user selects their custom dialog, and clicks ok, they are returned to the "MyDialog".

However, it appears the dialog is not refreshed correctly as the BROWSE PushButton and the GroupBox lines are not visible where the InstallChangeFolder had previously covered them. See attached image.

If the user selects RadioButtonB, the groupbox, text and BROWSE button are disabled, but they are once again visible in their disabled status.

What is happening to the dialog to make it half disappear?
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Re: Dialog fails to refresh

Also, when the dialog is loaded for the very first time, and RAdioButtonB is selected by default, the GroupBox and Browse buttons are not visible at ALL. They are just not there.

However, if I click RadioButtonA, then the relevant graphics all appear.
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